Ombre Mugs

Are you ready to become the talk of the town? The Root7 Ombre mugs will have people abuzz with the latest gossip.

These Ombré mugs are on trend and of the highest quality. They have a matte finish, high-quality sanded base and they are made from bone china!

The Aurora Ombré mug is cool as a cucumber, with shades of blue from your light blue sky all the way to the color of the deep blue ocean. The Magma Ombré mug is vibrant with colors of the sunset, bright yellow to a red hue, depicting a lovely summers day. The Flamingo Ombré mug is pretty in pink, from a pale yellow hue to a rosy pink delight, it's soft shades are charming and elegant. 

Can't choose your favourite shade of Ombré? We can’t blame you! Which is why we have packaged them all up in one stylish gift box. Gift set includes the three bone china mugs, Aurora, Magma and Flamingo.