It’s Time To Become A Cocktail Pro

It’s Time To Become A Cocktail Pro

Have you ever wanted to be a pro cocktail maker? Never had the time to work out how to concoct amazing cocktails? No worries, the Root7 team are here to break it down for you. Keep it traditional, get adventurous or go pure pro with this simple infographic on how to make delicious cocktails.

To help you on your way to becoming the bartender of the year, Root7 also have nifty gadgets to assist you. Check out our Mojito, Margarita and Martini Masters that make creating the perfect cocktail simple.

So what are you waiting for? Open that alcohol cabinet, grab your spinner and get busy with it!

It’s all about drinking differently. Root7 stock a range of innovative products to assist you with all your drinking needs. Check out more here and don’t forget to share this nifty infographic with your friends!